Meet our global executive team and learn about their experience

  • Group Chief Executive
    Simon Steele

    Simon Steele Group Chief Executive

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  • Director, EU / MENA
    Helen Ridgwick

    Helen Ridgwick Director, EU / MENA

    Experienced in Procurement, Sales and Sustainability in both the public and private sector and on an increasingly international level, Helen now focuses on delivering training and advisory/consultancy services.  She specialises in Sustainable & Responsible Procurement but also covers the full Procurement agenda, with a keen interest in the development of softer/behavioural skills.

    As Sustainability Manager for DHL’s contract with the NHS, (running NHS Supply Chain), Helen was responsible for both developing and implementing the company’s Sustainability Strategy. She focused this on the Environment, Climate Change, Communities and Natural Resources. Within the procurement field Helen embedded sustainable procurement within the current procurement processes and developed the NHS’s first Ethical Procurement Strategy which focused specifically on labour standards throughout their supply chains, working very closely with the Department of Health and the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI).

  • Group BD Director
    Adam Johnson

    Adam Johnson Group BD Director

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  • Director, Asia Pacific
    Daniel Fielding

    Daniel Fielding Director, Asia Pacific

    A graduate of University of Warwick business school (UK), Daniel is professionally qualified in procurement and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply.

    Daniel has held a variety of procurement roles over 20 years. He started his procurement career in a private sector blue chip organisation in the UK, fulfilling a number of procurement manager and project management roles culminating in contract management responsibility for global catering requirements for an international airline.  As a consultant has worked in a variety of industries including transport, State and Local Government, Construction, finance, IT/telecoms, and FMCG.

    Daniel has worked with over 100 Australian and New Zealand procurement organisations and has first-hand experience of what good practice looks like. 

    Daniel brings his extensive ‘hands-on’ experience as both a practitioner and a consultant to the training programs that he delivers. He specialises in the delivery of negotiation, category management, stakeholder management programs and change management programs. Daniel is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply to deliver Organisational Certification programs across Australia and New Zealand.

  • Director, Asia Pacific
    Chris Newman

    Chris Newman Director, Asia Pacific

    Chris has over 16 years’ experience in a wide range of senior management roles before joining ArcBlue. He has extensive experience in leading high skilled project teams through complex change and transformation projects. He has led major projects at ArcBlue, Procurement Development Programs across NSW, South Australian and Victorian Local Government and a range of Social Procurement and economic development projects across the country.

    Chris managed Procurement, Risk, OH&S and Community Development in senior Local Government roles before joining the Victorian State Government in 2008. In his role at the Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development, Chris managed the North-west Metropolitan Team and developed and managed a broad Council Reform Project including the Procurement Excellence Program, leading all Victorian Councils through a dynamic sector-wide procurement improvement program. As part of this program, Chris managed the development of the Victorian Local Government Social Procurement Guidelines and the establishment of the subsequent Social Procurement Expert Support Program.

    Chris, who is co-founder and Director at ArcBlue Asia Pacific, is a highly skilled facilitator and program manager, who has presented on procurement development and transformation at conferences across Australia and New Zealand.

  • Regional Executive Manager, VIC
    Chris Hodgson

    Chris Hodgson Regional Executive Manager, VIC

    Chris is a professionally qualified practitioner with over 20 years’ experience in procurement and supply chain across the Financial Services, Energy, FMCG and Technology industries.

    His experience spans Direct and Indirect categories, across a wide range of industries, including Banking and Financial Services, FMCG, Oil and Gas, Retail, eCommerce and Technology.

    Chris has consistently met aggressive savings targets for global organisations with accountability for billion-dollar cost bases. He has delivered in fast-paced environments and tough economic conditions, and has a track record of building credibility with stakeholders at all levels.

    Before moving to Australia Chris held various Procurement and supply chain roles in the technology industry in the UK.

    He is a dynamic trainer and uses his vast, cross sector experience to draw on relevant and valuable real world examples for participants.

  • Executive Manager - Capability, Asia Pacific
    Jacqui Priestly

    Jacqui Priestly Executive Manager - Capability, Asia Pacific

    Long term relationship management specialist, Jacqui Priestly offers 12 years search and selection experience - seven years specialising in recruitment of procurement professionals. Having worked with a diverse client portfolio, she brings a macro view of procurement structures, methodologies and deep knowledge of procurement capability.

    Since joining ArcBlue, Jacqui has led capability engagements, assessing the capability of procurement and contract management professionals and designing bespoke development programs.

    Jacqui has an extensive network of procurement professionals across the country and holds a seat on the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply Australasia Victorian Regional Committee.

  • Executive Manager - Analytics, Asia Pacific
    Rob Holland

    Rob Holland Executive Manager - Analytics, Asia Pacific

    Rob is a graduate of mathematics from the University of Liverpool (UK) and holds a Masters in law from the University of Northumbria (UK).

    Rob has held a variety of procurement, strategy and process improvement roles for over 10 years. Rob’s procurement career began working as Head of Corporate Governance for a large non-governmental public body in the UK where he was responsible for providing procurement and contract management advice and delivering training.

    Rob has recent experience working with multiple Universities, Local Councils and State Government Departments as well as private sector companies in the facilities management, mining, aviation, retail and banking sectors.

    Rob brings his extensive consultancy, analytics and stakeholder engagement experience to the assignment and programs that he delivers. He specialises in spend analysis, workshop facilitation and process mapping, training, probity, procurement system implementation, contract management, stakeholder management programs and change management programs.

  • Regional Executive Manager, SA
    Steve Gillis

    Steve Gillis Regional Executive Manager, SA

    Steve Gillis is recognised for his leadership abilities and technical expertise in the areas of Procurement, Supply Chain Management and Change Management. 

    Steve applies a strong commercial focus and he moves strategy into implementation based on an extensive career in leading business transformation.  Highly regarded for his professional leadership and collaborative approach he partners with leadership teams to ensure their competitive advantage in the marketplace.

    With global commercial experience across NFP, Private and public sectors, Steve is skilled in Strategic Planning, Change Management, Organisational Redesign and Business Integration. His leadership experience includes leading a workforce in excess of 1500 FTE and commercial influences of $400m Operating and $600m annual Capital spend.

    Steve has led the transformation of Procurement from a transactional function to a strategic business unit across multiple sectors, creating new value and strategic advantage. This leadership enabled SA Water to adapt new capital procurement models in response to drought mitigation plans and the introduction of category management models to drive value in operating expenditure. 

    Steve has extensive expertise in operations outsourcing, low cost country sourcing, high level negotiations and also vast experience in Global Supply Chain and international logistics across Automotive and FMGC sectors in China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, UK and USA.

    With a passion for business integration and organisational development, Steve undertakes management coaching with individuals to enable them to better manage complex change processes.

    A university qualified and experienced procurement professional with an extensive portfolio of formal procurement skills. 

  • Partner and Member, Germany
    Robert Freidinger

    Robert Freidinger Partner and Member, Germany

  • Search Director, Hong Kong
    Guy Wiffen

    Guy Wiffen Search Director, Hong Kong


  • Regional Director, New Zealand
    Richard May

    Richard May Regional Director, New Zealand

    A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply, Richard has over 30 years in both senior procurement roles and as a senior consultant. He has worked with public and private sector organisations, large and small, across the world including in Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand, and across Asia.

    Currently located in New Zealand, he is involved in enabling many public sector entities to reposition their procurement process so that it makes a fundamentally different contribution to organisation objectives.

    Richard has a Chemical Engineering degree from Canterbury University, business qualifications from Swinburne and has extensive corporate functional experience in Manufacturing, Project, Technical, Business and Purchasing and Supply Chain Management.

    As Purchasing Director for a major multinational in Asia Pacific, he is credited with leading the first ever successful across-Asia Pacific integration of the Procurement Process as a Key Business Process. His understanding of cross-cultural change management is widely respected. 

    Richard has recently been involved in procurement reform in public sector for New Zealand and has also assisted World Bank, Hong Kong Government and other jurisdictions. 

    Given his wide understanding of international supply markets and the quality outcomes when cross-functional procurement teams are utilised, Richard’s area of interest is in facilitating cross-functional, cross-cultural teams in difficult business supply issues to achieving outstanding results for their organisations and in the effective implementation of Procurement change programmes focused on developing the procurement process as a key business contributor.

  • Senior Consultant, New Zealand
    Dave Nellist

    Dave Nellist Senior Consultant, New Zealand

    Procurement and supply chain management have been the mainstay of Dave’s career for 30 years with multi-cultural exposure UK, Europe, South East Asia, and Australasia. He introduced progressive procurement change in both the private and public sectors, often with a need to navigate complexity across multiple sites. Dave worked for 12 years for Toyota's European manufacturing operation and has experience in other manufacturing industries, public health, and general insurance. 

    His wealth of experience has provided a range of practical tools, providing benefit to organisations, along with a flexible approach to applying them. He believes that business is still done by, and between people – procurement’s role remains fundamentally embedded through empathy and relationship management. 

    Dave is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply and was a member of the CIPSA Australasian Procurement Awards judging panels in 2011, 2014 and 2015.  He has provided insight and thought leadership as a contributor to procurement media and through participation in industry forums.  He remains determined to improve the understanding and reach of procurement as a key management function critical to organisational success, knowing that good procurement practice really does make an important difference at both operational and macro-economic levels.

    At ArcBlue, Dave is leading a wide range of Government and private sector activity across New Zealand.

  • Search Director, Singapore
    Russell Harrison

    Russell Harrison Search Director, Singapore


  • General Manager, Turkey
    Faruk Demir

    Faruk Demir General Manager, Turkey